Our Program

Our Groups

I’m In Control - acquire safe ways of coping with anxiety, giving  you a sense of control.
The Me I Want 2B-learn to  handle adversity in positive ways and instill self-pride.
Owning My Anger- know that you are allowed to get angry, but what gives anger a bad reputation is how you react to your anger.
Inner Voice- express your inner feelings with peers and learn appropriate expression of feelings.
Rainbow of Emotions-"Appropriate Expression of Feelings"
focus on a feeling and a color associated with that feeling. 
All activities will be based in different art media to assist in non-verbal expressions of emotions.

Help for those who silently suffer from

Being excluded or ostracized
Low self -esteem


We group children by age, issue, and readiness to be in a group setting. Groups can take place in school during school hours, after school programs at the school, daycare centers, or at the Rays of Hope Kids, Inc. room at Replay Counseling Center, LLC .
  The groups will be conducted in the same manner regardless of the location. Children will learn ways to understand their feelings, express them in a safe place and feel accepted as they learn other children in their groups are suffering too.